Thursday, July 14

The Peep 5k (200 meters) for charity went off with a bang. The winners of the girls’ divisions included Katie’s, Delilah’s, Bella’s peeps. Sam’s and Jack’s peeps brought home the gold and silver medals. The 15 Joel registration fee was redistributed to the poorest peep in the Soviet Reunion.

Despite the ominous weather, Village was able to have “land time” where peeps remain on the acre for an allotted amount of time. Maddie’s peep, Brittany, sold her household items, and Aaron’s peep found the golden acorn while other peeps found geocaches. Commissioners and willing homesteaders began to assemble a cob oven from stones and bricks in hopes of a pizzeria. The day ended with Capture the Flag in the woods.


Wednesday, July 13

The morning kicked off with Steve Peepfontaine’s announcement for the Peep 5k on Thursday, and a subsequent core exercise challenge. The winners of the plank exercise, Maddie, Bella,  and Hal, won a significant number of Joels. Michael Iselin  commissioned the construction of a mini-pizza oven in preparation for Mini Fair. Michael held a wood-working workshop and individual tutorials. Work berserk commenced with many homesteaders adding side walls, roofs, windows, and paint to add value to their homes.

Federal jobs suffered a strike, as the radio managers abandoned their posts in search of new economic ventures. Bella and her peep Emily quickly assumed the responsibility of radio manager. Emily did not miss a beat, and kept tunes and announcements rolling throughout the day.


Corvée duties have been suffering, so a 100 Joel award was gifted to several homesteaders who went above and beyond. The afternoon culminated in Brittany and Jeremy’s peep wedding in the cemetery. Jack’s peep officiated the wedding. Delilah gifted Maddie’s peeps with gluesticks, and won the wedding cake for her diner.

Tuesday, July 12


Homesteaders continued construction on their homes and began to think about the indoor designs, including wallpaper and flooring. The newspaper hit a wall as the secretive passwords were lost in translation. The radio gained a comprehensive schedule of employees, and private businesses took off in their ventures.

James and his peep Ezren invented a card game and took pre-orders. Maddie and her peep Brittany added new items to her home decor store. They built pools and will build more televisions as Village progresses.  The casino business steadily profited as poker playing peeps bet their “Joels.”

The Illuminati signs reappeared after a brief hiatus. Tensions within the oligarchy heated up as speculation of betrayal and potential removal of members caused infighting. The day ended with an epic round of Capture the Flag.


Monday, July 11

Homesteaders started the day singing the now remastered version of “Titanic.” With fresh  timber, a new shop dog, and detailed lessons in woodworking, homesteaders made great progress on lumber orders and the early phases of  peep homes and businesses. The trading post was busy selling homemade and imported wares. Peep poker, experimental computer science, and rad tunes from the radio station provided R+R from work. A walk to and dip in Center Pond, another round of work-berzerk, and an intense game of capture the flag with multiple jail breaks concluded the day.

Friday, July 8

On a hunch, the lost song scrolls were recovered and imported with no tariff into the Soviet Reunion. Voices singing Gibberish, Baby Shark, the Cheese Gregorian chant, Titanic, and many more legends echoed through the forest. The economy then hummed and buzzed as homesteaders resumed construction of their wooden peep homes.

Many sidewalls and floors were nailed, glued, and tacked into place while shop dogs jigsawed out lumber orders. Both the trading post and bank were busy processing receipts as disk jockeys spun contemporary hits with intermittent announcements.  Peeps opted to parade to the common for an extended campfire with skits, a mind battle, guitar solo, lawn games, soccer, and s’mores.







Thursday, July 7

Village kicked off with guest speaker, David Howard, architect and village planner, this morning. He explained the importance of village communities, which included a certain culture not found anywhere else.


One of the oligarch’s peeps was found in the center of the painted triangle. The oligarch government struck back at the Illuminati forces through economic means, causing some Illuminati members to reconsider their allegiance to the group.

Homesteaders placed their final lumber orders and began peep home construction. The day ended with games of mafia, zombie tag, and drip, drip, drop.


Wednesday, July 6: The Illuminati Resistance

Homesteaders arrived to a crop circle of the Illuminati symbol close by to the Soviet Reunion. The Illuminati faction has strongly emerged this week in opposition to the oligarchy. Oligarchs began to panic when they realized exactly what they might be up against.


Other evidence of the Illuminati’s presence surfaced when picnic tables were found in the shape of a triangle. Triangle stamps on Homesteaders and their peeps further reinforced conspiracy theories that the Illuminati is, in fact, real. Signs stating the dissatisfaction with the government also appeared.

After a morning of learning new songs, peeps worked at the trading post, newspaper, radio, and bank. Homesteaders continued their work on cardboard models. After an afternoon swim, Mafia and Capture the Flag were played. Capture the Flag featured one of the most intense matches in Village history.

Tuesday, July 5: The Conspiracies Deepen

The Soviet Reunion welcomed a veteran Homesteader, Fallon, and a new Commissioner, Janelle. We began the morning with the Shark Song, which set the mood for the day. Then the homesteaders constructed cardboard models of Peep homes which came together faster than expected. Meanwhile, sudden whisperings emerged within the Soviet Reunion; symbols from the infamous Illuminati appeared around the camp. Other curious events took place, such as Peeps disappearing, though the Illuminati ensured that they had no part in it.

After a noontime dip in Center Pond, work continued on the cardboard houses. Most models were completed by the end of the day, putting us ahead of schedule. We rounded off the day with games of Mafia and Tag, with some kids and a counselor going rogue and taking refuge in the woods.

Friday, July 1

The game of village accelerated dramatically today with the new oligarchy. This years village name was voted to be Soviet Reunion, narrowly beating out United Peeps of America. Soon after its founding, managers and new hires successfully set-up and ran the trading post, bank, radio station, and newspaper.  Interviews, talkshows, excel accounting sheets, sales of manufactured wares, and the first edition of the newspaper kept peeps busy. With the opening of the bank, a lesson on checks was given by Cedric, enabling many financial transactions and the associated excitement and inevitable drama. As the Friday News summarized,  “Now the oligarchs are permanent. There are factions, consisting of the red army, the uprising, the resistance, and of course, the oligarchs.”

After  a swim in Center Pond, a campfire and smores were shared in the Nelson Common.

Happy Indepeepdence Day!

Thursday, June 30

Following Robert’s Rules of Order, peeps democratically elected an oligarchical government today. The three wealthiest peeps will represent the emerging government. However, all gov’t transactions and issues of taxation will be put to a majority vote.

Managerial positions at the bank, trading post, newspaper, and radio were assigned. Homesteaders crafted clothing (rain jackets, trousers, and vests) and worked on their peeps and mini-acres. After swimming at center pond, the Joule was elected as the name of the new currency. Peep bank accounts will open tomorrow. Classic Capture the Flag was played too.