Friday, July 29

An excited group of campers returned to the Soviet Reunion for the final day of Village 2016. Campers eagerly restored their mini-acres to their original conditions in anticipation of the great peep auction. Once the land was back to normal, homesteaders marched down to the Nelson common for field games and the highly anticipated auction. Many prizes ranging from LED balloons to knitting yarn were auctioned off to the many wealthy peeps after the successful Mini Fair. Mrs. Frosty brought an ice cream Sunday buffet for enjoyment after the final game of sharks and minnows. What a wonderful Village 2016. We can’t wait to welcome everyone back next year.


Thursday, July 28

Mini Fair! After the inaugural rain shower and in villain apparel, the Soviet Reunion hosted dozens of new and returning peeps to the 2016 Mini Fair. Popular rides and games such as the zip line, peep swing, water slide, death drop, lightening striker, Three Card Montie, Swing Carasell, Peep Lazer Tag, Basketball Toss, and others entertained the crowd. Refreshments from the bake sale, such as the Open Air Diner, lemonade stand, and mini marshmallows, kept everyone quenched and satiated. Homestead tours, wishing wells, and Crane Crafts were also popular attractions. The hard work of the past weeks culminated in a fantastic display of creativity, ingenuity, and dedication to the Game of Village. Thank you all for making this year’s Mini Fair a resounding success.


Wednesday, July 27

After a laborious and exceptionally enjoyable 5 weeks and a perfectly harmonious morning of songs, campers put the final touches on their homesteads and lacquer on peep furniture, all ahead of afternoon appraisals. All who visit Mini Fair on 82 Lead Mine Road tomorrow at 3 pm will see the complete catalogue of homesteads ranging from underground dwellings to a concrete hardened fortress and an open-air nest. Denizens lead fellow campers on detailed tours of their homes for valuation in Joels. Values averaged slightly above the individual 500 Joel loans at 640 Joels. After a quality corvée, campers faced off versus counselors in an epic showdown. We tied. Mini Fair is tomorrow! 

Tuesday, July 26


At morning meeting, Commissioner Ceighley and Homesteaders Delilah and Fallon introduced the new town sign. A peep town meeting was called by Jell-mo, who proposed the Illuminati run the government through a closed democracy. No members may be voted out of the group, but new peeps are allowed to be voted in. The Illuminati promised to only help the town prosper and complete the town map and town center. The measure for a closed democracy passed 6 to 1. Homesteaders continued to work on Mini-Fair attractions.

Today was mainly focused on game time fun. A slip n’ slide took up the time before lunch, and an hour and a half long swim in Center Pond was welcomed by Homesteaders. Capture the Flag topped off the afternoon. Whisperings of a Joel-ocracy came about during CtF.

Thursday, July 21st

Homesteaders hurriedly hammered their homes together today. After singing Mountain Dew, Titanic, Cheese, and other songs, guest lecturer, Brandon, delivered a community course demonstrating rocket stoves and efficient combustion. Later, many peeps retrofitted and completed their houses. The solar oven was also a great source of heat, warming crescent rolls, which were quickly consumed. A great swim in the pond followed by more work time, propelled campers to put the necessary final touches on their homesteads. Corvee and a game of name tag ended the day.

Wednesday, July 20

Campers literally slid into camp today with energetic and eager faces. There was much anticipation of the quickly approaching Mini Fair. The theme of this year’s fair was voted to be “Villians,” which should prove be a mini monster mash. After morning meeting, new roofing, furniture, accessories, foundations, and coats of paint were added to many increasingly elaborate peep dwellings.

After morning work, the Soviet Reunion’s oligarchical reign came to an end. A direct democracy was elected. In spirit with the new form of government, peeps voted to have free time instead of swimming. The grand opening of the Sunlight Casino lured some peeps to a different pool, while others played, worked on homesteads, and fired up another round of Peep pizzas in the solar cooker. Chores and plus and wish ended the day.

Tuesday, July 19

The Soviet Reunion is in full swing. Homesteads are nearing completion with many abodes being adorned with elaborate furnishings. Businesses, such as the Casino, are almost ready for both high and low rolling customers. On land, peeps continued to enjoy entreprenurial ventures selling sweets. Even the periodic cumulus didn’t stop us from swimming and making savory pizzas in the solar oven. The cob oven was also tested, but still needs additional patching. The Oligarchs feverishly established the Soviet Reunion Mint with over 3000 Joels printed and cast. Talk of minifair has created an atmosphere of urgency and excitement.

Monday, July 18

Campers returned in good spirits after the weekend. Rounds of Black Socks, Titanic, and Bohemian Rhapsody started the morning. Homesteaders transitioned into full construction and decoration mode on their houses and businesses. Matilda’s Diner opened today with great success selling Peep sized pancakes and apple slices. Hand-knit pillows were also a hit during land time. Swimming followed a quick lunch before the thunderstorm. Indoor games of Night at the Museum and plus and wish capped the day. Village 2016 T-Shirt designs are currently being submitted. 

Friday, July 15

Village’s dog mascot, Emmett, made appearances throughout this past week. Homesteaders continued building their houses and businesses. Delilah’s peep, Matilda, completed both her house and open air diner, which will open up this upcoming week. Bella’s peep was named the permanent radio manager by the federal government. Most homesteaders reached the painting stage of housing construction. Some began to add furniture for their peeps.

After a quick dip in Center Pond in the afternoon, Village campfire was held. Many rounds of CTF were played after making s’mores. The real competition of the afternoon came from the sharks and minnows game, where Cedric, a Commissioner, ended victorious.