Tuesday, July 26


At morning meeting, Commissioner Ceighley and Homesteaders Delilah and Fallon introduced the new town sign. A peep town meeting was called by Jell-mo, who proposed the Illuminati run the government through a closed democracy. No members may be voted out of the group, but new peeps are allowed to be voted in. The Illuminati promised to only help the town prosper and complete the town map and town center. The measure for a closed democracy passed 6 to 1. Homesteaders continued to work on Mini-Fair attractions.

Today was mainly focused on game time fun. A slip n’ slide took up the time before lunch, and an hour and a half long swim in Center Pond was welcomed by Homesteaders. Capture the Flag topped off the afternoon. Whisperings of a Joel-ocracy came about during CtF.

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