Wednesday, July 13

The morning kicked off with Steve Peepfontaine’s announcement for the Peep 5k on Thursday, and a subsequent core exercise challenge. The winners of the plank exercise, Maddie, Bella,  and Hal, won a significant number of Joels. Michael Iselin  commissioned the construction of a mini-pizza oven in preparation for Mini Fair. Michael held a wood-working workshop and individual tutorials. Work berserk commenced with many homesteaders adding side walls, roofs, windows, and paint to add value to their homes.

Federal jobs suffered a strike, as the radio managers abandoned their posts in search of new economic ventures. Bella and her peep Emily quickly assumed the responsibility of radio manager. Emily did not miss a beat, and kept tunes and announcements rolling throughout the day.


Corvée duties have been suffering, so a 100 Joel award was gifted to several homesteaders who went above and beyond. The afternoon culminated in Brittany and Jeremy’s peep wedding in the cemetery. Jack’s peep officiated the wedding. Delilah gifted Maddie’s peeps with gluesticks, and won the wedding cake for her diner.

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