Wednesday, July 6: The Illuminati Resistance

Homesteaders arrived to a crop circle of the Illuminati symbol close by to the Soviet Reunion. The Illuminati faction has strongly emerged this week in opposition to the oligarchy. Oligarchs began to panic when they realized exactly what they might be up against.


Other evidence of the Illuminati’s presence surfaced when picnic tables were found in the shape of a triangle. Triangle stamps on Homesteaders and their peeps further reinforced conspiracy theories that the Illuminati is, in fact, real. Signs stating the dissatisfaction with the government also appeared.

After a morning of learning new songs, peeps worked at the trading post, newspaper, radio, and bank. Homesteaders continued their work on cardboard models. After an afternoon swim, Mafia and Capture the Flag were played. Capture the Flag featured one of the most intense matches in Village history.

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