Tuesday, July 5: The Conspiracies Deepen

The Soviet Reunion welcomed a veteran Homesteader, Fallon, and a new Commissioner, Janelle. We began the morning with the Shark Song, which set the mood for the day. Then the homesteaders constructed cardboard models of Peep homes which came together faster than expected. Meanwhile, sudden whisperings emerged within the Soviet Reunion; symbols from the infamous Illuminati appeared around the camp. Other curious events took place, such as Peeps disappearing, though the Illuminati ensured that they had no part in it.

After a noontime dip in Center Pond, work continued on the cardboard houses. Most models were completed by the end of the day, putting us ahead of schedule. We rounded off the day with games of Mafia and Tag, with some kids and a counselor going rogue and taking refuge in the woods.

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