Friday, July 1

The game of village accelerated dramatically today with the new oligarchy. This years village name was voted to be Soviet Reunion, narrowly beating out United Peeps of America. Soon after its founding, managers and new hires successfully set-up and ran the trading post, bank, radio station, and newspaper.  Interviews, talkshows, excel accounting sheets, sales of manufactured wares, and the first edition of the newspaper kept peeps busy. With the opening of the bank, a lesson on checks was given by Cedric, enabling many financial transactions and the associated excitement and inevitable drama. As the Friday News summarized,  “Now the oligarchs are permanent. There are factions, consisting of the red army, the uprising, the resistance, and of course, the oligarchs.”

After  a swim in Center Pond, a campfire and smores were shared in the Nelson Common.

Happy Indepeepdence Day!

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