Meet the Commissioners


Cameron Mackenzie – Program Director

Cameron is immensely curious and excited to venture into the world of Village for the first time. With a background in educational management and teaching, he looks forward to empowering peeps with the courage to live and lead creative and verdant lives. He also brings a backpack of tools and an unquenchable thirst for adventure.  If you have any changes, emergencies, would like to visit or would just like to discuss the program, Cameron is the person you should call.  Emergency phone number 603-496-4502.

Ceighley Cribb – Commissioner

Ceighley is a new Commissioner at Village this summer. She is working towards a PhD at the University of Oxford, and wants to become a college professor. She brings knowledge of history, especially that of Native American and Middle Eastern women, government systems, and creative art projects. Ceighley and her peep, Bea, plan to create a fun, energetic environment for Village!

Mark Rabasco – Commissioner

Mark is a new Commissioner at camp this year. He is an aspiring Social Studies teacher from Keene State College with a passion for history and running. He will also serve as a lifeguard for the camp. He hopes to bring a wealth of knowledge to camp and get everyone up and running!

Cedric Bollinger – Junior Commissioner

Cedric is coming back to village for his fifth summer in the program. This summer, he’s looking forward to helping the program be as successful as it can. His peep, Borris, would like to make the government as corrupt as he can.

Will Gagnon – Junior Commissioner

Will has been involved with Village for two years and he is returning this year for the first time as a Junior Commissioner. He will bring his past knowledge of Village with him and his comedic sense of humor.  Will is looking forward to making this summer memorable and fun for everyone!

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