Monday, June 27

Day One:

Today, we started with introductions of the Game of Village and peeps. Michelle gave us a talk on the 1:24 scale and peep character traits.


The kids then began to create their own peeps in the morning, using pipe cleaners and sculpting clay. Some children began to assign jobs and personalities to their peeps. Village will include a peep blacksmith, a cook, and a clothing manufacturer.


The afternoon consisted of swimming and the first town meeting. At the town meeting, homesteaders decided on their acre on which to build their town. After some contentious deliberation, they voted on having both cleared land and forest land as a part of the acre.

At the end of the day, homesteaders played capture the flag, while others opted to remain in the barn working on their peeps’ temporary homes. Homesteaders gathered to discuss their Plus and Wish—many wished for the impending rain to stay away.

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